Thursday, September 25, 2014

Over 2 years

I was recently reading a friends blog... ...who is awesome by the way!

KH's unite!

I noticed the link to my blog... 

People still view this... Not sure I have as many exciting things to say these days. My life is no longer the traveling wonders of a professional athlete in foreign countries. I'm retired for now I guess. Weirdest thing to say at the ripe age of 27. I am now teaching the little minds of southern Californian preschoolers, but boy do I love it. They keep me on my toes, are so full of raw innocence and say the most hilarious things on the daily. 

I've been blessed to the max with a new place, new roommate and all in the gorgeous place of usually sunny Huntington Beach, CA. Please come visit! 

New backyard ain't so bad. 

Old cousin friend = New roomie! 

In the last year, a couple babies were born: Tinley Faith Tucker and Matthew Hollingshead
A marriage was formed: Jordan Smith became Mrs. Jordan Proper 
My lil bro bro turned 21, wowzer Chansy Pants! 
Friendships grew, lessons learned and memories made... here is to the rest of the gems that 2014 holds. Let the treasure hunt begin! 

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